Improve your home’s energy efficiency without making significant changes to its external appeal

Sustainable homes are on the rise these days. Today’s generation is conscious of environmental concerns and the negative effects of non-sustainable building materials on the environment. Now, if you have an existing home and want to make it more eco-friendly, you can also take advantage of retrofit double glazing Christchurch professional installers offer.

What is retrofit double glazing and how can it add value to your home?

If you currently have existing window frames, it will be easier for professionals to install Christchurch retrofit double glazing on them. The inefficient single glass is removed and they will make minor changes to your existing frame to make way for the retrofitted double glazing windows.

To help you appreciate retrofit double glazing, below a few benefits you will enjoy from it:

  1. Improves your home’s thermal efficiency.

Standard glass windows only come with single glass panes. With retrofit double glazing, either two panes of glass are added or secondary glazing is put in place behind your current window glass. Both options help improve the thermal efficiency of your home, but secondary glazing creates a soundproof barrier. This is the perfect solution if you live by a busy road or under a flight path.

  1. Preserves heritage properties.

If you have a heritage property and have no plans to forego the home’s rich historic value, then opt for retrofit double glazing Christchurch experts offer. This allows you to improve the efficiency of your home without changing the windows. From the outside, the windows look exactly the same.

  1. Boosts energy efficiency.

Temperatures normally drop during winter, but with retrofit double glazing, your house stays warmer throughout the season. This helps reduce your energy consumption and saves you thousands of dollars on utility bills. Not only that, but you also help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. During summer, your home will also be cooler, reducing your need to use your air conditioning system all the time.

  1. Increases your home’s resale value.

Just because you have an older home doesn’t mean you can’t demand a higher selling price. With retrofit double glazing in Christchurch, your home will have a higher resale value because it is already energy efficient. Buyers are attracted to homes that are efficiently insulated as this reduces their need to spend money for added insulation. So, you will definitely reap the benefits of installing retrofit double glazed windows even if you are not yet planning to sell your home.

These are just a few perks you get to enjoy when you opt for retrofit double glazing Christchurch experts currently offer. Comfort doesn’t always cost much especially if you opt for a sustainable home. If you want to build a home from scratch, use sustainable, eco-friendly materials, so you can reap these benefits without making a big impact on your surroundings.

Comfort happens when you design your home to fit your needs while adapting to the environment. So, think of these abovementioned pointers when planning to build a sustainable home or upgrade an existing home or a heritage property. If you want to find retrofit double glazing Christchurch professionals offer, visit