Herpes and dating: Everything you need to know

HSV dating or dating with herpes can be the hardest thing for people who have just found their condition. However, knowing that one has herpes is not the end of the road. The most important thing to do when one wants to hit the dating sites again after being diagnosed is to ensure that the condition is disclosed to his or her partner. Talking will give the opportunity to make informed decisions about taking risk during dating.


It will also provide an opportunity for the two to discuss ways of protecting the partner with no herpes during hsv dating. After the disclosure stage, one can use suppressive therapy to ensure not transmitting the disease to the sexual partner. Using condoms or practicing safe sex is another way to ensure that one with the condition does not infect during sexual intercourse. To those who want to have children, it is important to seek further medical support from doctors to ensure that everything works out safely.

Can I get herpes from a blowjob?

It is possible to get herpes from a blowjob. Herpes is a disease that can be transmitted through having oral sex with someone who has cold sores or genital herpes. If people practice oral sex on anybody who has genital herpes when they have sores in their gums, tongue, or anywhere inside their mouths, then chances are that they may acquire the disease. It is important to know whether one’s sexual partner has cold sores or genital herpes before having oral sex with them. People who have herpes sores in their mouths during hsv dating can also transmit the disease from their mouth to the genitals of non infected sexual mates.

How do I know if I have herpes?

It is usually hard to tell whether one has herpes or not, because herpes comes in form of sores that look like pimples. Many people confuse them with simple itches, pimples, or bug bites that burst and go away after some time. They also appear in odd places like the genitals, thighs, anus, and mouth. The best way to find out whether a person has herpes or not is by having a medical test. The doctor can take a blood sample and run the test to find out whether herpes antibodies are present in the blood sample. If the results show the presence of HSV-2 antibodies, then it means that the patient has genital herpes. However, if the results show antibodies for HSV-1 then the patient has either genital or oral herpes.

Free dating site for people with herpes

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